How to Make a Turquoise Dangle Necklace and Earrings

Do you love turquoise beads and jewelry as much as I do? It's one of my favorite gemstones to wear and design with! The creamy off-white color of Bone Soft Flex Beading Wire complements turquoise's natural elegance. Turquoise is the Sagittarius birthstone. Turquoise is found all over the world and can be found in varying colors of blue and green. Turquoise has been important to Native American heritage and I'm sure living in the southwest has helped my fondness for this beautiful stone grow.

The color turquoise is associated with meanings of refreshing, feminine, calming, sophisticated, energy, wisdom, serenity, wholeness, creativity, emotional balance, good luck, spiritual grounding, friendship, love, joy, tranquility, patience, intuition, and loyalty. Source BournCreative

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Turquoise Nugget Cluster Necklace and Earrings Free Project Idea


Soft Flex Beading Wire, .019/Medium Diameter in Bone
Turquoise Nugget Beads - 6
3mm Square Brass Beads - 50
3mm Gold Plated Round Beads - 2
Round Bone Beads - 5
2x2mm Gold Filled Crimp Tubes - 8
4mm and 10mm Gold Jump Rings
Gold Plated Toggle Clasp
Magical Crimping Pliers
Bead Stoppers

Step 1: We'll start with the necklace cluster dangle. Cut three 6" pieces of bone Soft Flex beading wire. On each strand, string one gold 2mm crimp tube and one round bone bead. Loop the wire back through the gold 2mm crimp tube and crimp. Click here for magical crimping instructions. Cut off excess wire.

Step 2: Next, string one turquoise nugget bead and one gold cube bead on two strands of the three strands of wire. On the third strand, string a turquoise nugget bead, a gold cube bead, another turquoise nugget bead and another gold cube bead.

Step 3: Add a gold 2mm crimp tube to each strand. Align the longest strand in the middle and two smaller strands on each side. For each strand, loop the wire around the 10mm jump ring and back through the crimp tube. Leave a little bone beading wire showing on each strand before crimping for a flexible dangle.

Step 4: Attach the small 4mm jump ring to the top of the 10mm jump ring.

Step 5: Now let's create the necklace. Cut 24" length of bone Soft Flex beading wire. Place a bead stopper at one end. String 25 gold cube beads, one 3mm gold plated round bead, 4mm jump ring attached to the dangle you created, one 3mm gold plated round bead and 25 gold cube beads.

Step 6: Tie a figure 8-knot on one side of the gold beads then remove the bead stopper and tie another figure 8-knot on the other side. (Note: you could also add a gold crimp to each side and crimp the beads in place if you prefer). Click here for instructions on how to tie an 8-knot.

Step 7: Lastly, figure out your desired length, string a 2mm crimp tube on each wire end. Loop your wire around the toggle and bar clasp on either end, back through the crimp tube and crimp. Cut off excess wire.

Step 8: For the earrings, create two dangles the same way you created the cluster dangle above. Instead of attaching to a jump ring, you attach each strand to a gold plated ear wire.

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