Make a Spiral Macrame Bracelet with Dark Heart Bead Mix and Trios

This week on Free Spirit Beading with Kristen Fagan, learn how to make a half knot spiral Macrame bracelet using Soft Flex Beading Wire on a Mini Macramé Board. If you enjoy macramé or are curious to learn how to macramé, this video is a great tutorial of a beginner knot. The colors and beads make a great beading project idea for Valentine's Day accessories! 

Make a Half Knot Spiral Macrame Valentines Day Bracelet

This macramé tutorial uses the half knot spiral macramé pattern with beads sprinkled in from our Dark Heart Bead Mix by Jesse James Beads. This bead mix is custom made exclusively for Soft Flex Company and can be found online here for a limited time! I love the deep color palette of reds, pinks and blacks in these jewelry making supplies inspired by Valentine's Day.


Soft Flex Dark Heart Trios

Dark Heart Bead Mix

Mini Macrame Board

2x2mm Crimp Tubes in Sterling Silver Black Oxidized

Anna's Clasp Set


Crimping Pliers

I used a Mini Macramé Board for this project and Soft Flex Beading Wire in .019 Medium diameter. Our Mini Macramé Boards are so fun. The notches along the board are great for holding your wire in place as you weave or knot your design. The Mini Macramé Board’s soft edges grip the wire and keep it where you want it. If you are a little rough on the board, it has a little ‘self-healing’ action and any gaps in the notches fade over time.

This spiraling bracelet design shows off the gorgeous beading wire colors in our newest Dark Heart Trios Beading Wire Variety Pack and how strong and knot-able Soft Flex Wire is.

During the first broadcast of this technique on the Soft Flex Company Facebook page, one of our wonderful customers inquired if the technique could be done with one base strand instead of two. So before the second video on YouTube, I gave it a try. There were some differences but, it can indeed be done. The first two strands above have two center wires and the last strand shown uses one center wire instead of two. 

When adding beads to the spiral macrame design you need to make sure the bead holes are large enough to pass through the two center wires. If you are using beads with smaller size holes that do not pass through two strands, that is when a one center wire design makes a lot of sense.

Here is a picture of just that one strand design example for a closer look. 

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