Surprise Your Galentine's Gal Pal Or Sweetheart With Handmade Jewelry On Valentine's Day

There is nothing better than giving a  handmade gift. Hand crafted gifts speak volumes about the giver and how fondly they feel about the recipient. Store bought is fine, but a craft that was created with love is going to be cherished. Today, we are looking at some gift giving ideas. Create a gallery quality jewelry design with very few tools and just the right beads. You will not need to spend a fortune to make jewelry that looks like a million bucks! Give your favorite gal pal a Galentine's gift she will love. Give your soulmate something that they will adore. Let's be happy cherubs and make Valentine's Day jewelry.

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Most of us are still social distancing and quarantining. But that does not mean we cannot enjoy Valentine's Day this year. Share some FaceTime or Zoom with your besties. You can make jewelry together or just show off the designs you are making for them. Don't let this horrible year of COVID turn you into a hermit. Stay connected with your loved ones and give them the gift of jewelry this year. Let's celebrate  Galentine's Day with handmade earrings. Let's craft a Valentine's necklace! Let's make some lovely memories even while we are staying distant!

Galentine's Day Jewelry Ideas - Surprise Your Loved Ones This Valentine's Day

What is Galentine's Day?

February 13th is Galentine's Day. A day for ladies to celebrate ladies. Leave the boys at home! Gather your girlfriends and celebrate the joys of sisterhood. If you feel left out on Valentine's Day, celebrate a day that is about being a friend and bonding with people that share your likes. Galentine's is a day to be yourself and live without the judgement of others.

If you want to go all out on Galentine's Day, reserve a table at your favorite breakfast spot and gather the girls for waffles and love. Gift them with hand crafted goodies that lets them know how much they mean to you.

If you love to celebrate the joys of a creative holiday, add February 13th to your calendar. You create the rules. Shower your best girlfriends with homemade gifts and loving odes. You do not need to spend money. Write your bestie a poem that lets them know much they mean to you.

We love Galentine's Day. Let's have fun and enjoy something different this year.

DIY Valentine Heart And Pearl Necklace Strung On Pink Soft Flex Wire

Kristen showed us how to make a fun pearl necklace with a delightful ceramic pendant as the focal. She chose an artisan pendant from Gaea Handmade. This pendant has been in her beading supplies for awhile and she figured this was the perfect occasion to use it. The pendant was a cute little heart shape, making it perfect for Valentine's Day jewelry. This necklace would also make a fantastic beach necklace. Kristen used pearl and conch shell beads. Super cute for summer!

Valentine Heart And Pearl Necklace by Kristen Fagan

Creative Therapy - Beat The Blues And Learn How To Make A Valentine's Day Necklace

Sara needed a break. To say that last year was a little stressful would be a massive understatement. She always finds time to create some jewelry. Hobby/ crafts are a lovely way to decompress and make something beautiful. This world needs all the beauty we can muster!. 

Sara decided to share her quality time with our community. She chose our  Valentine Passion Bead Strands to make something fun. These strands came in purple and red. Sara took a vote from her live viewers for which color she should use in this project. A combination of the two colors was the overwhelming vote. These bead strands and our Valentine Passion Design Kit (Sold Out) were perfect for creating a gift for the upcoming holiday. Chocolate and roses are fun. But what is better than a heartfelt and handmade gift for your sweetheart? Give them a DIY gift they will cherish forever.

Valentine Necklace by Sara Oehler

Soft Flex Wire Knitted Charm Bracelet and Earrings for Valentine’s Day

Kristen wanted to make some love themed jewelry. She filmed this episode on MLK day and she reflected on the insightful words Dr. Martin Luther King gave us regarding the strength of love over evil. Love is a better option as hate is too great a burden to bear. And love will always drive out hate, just as light drives out the darkness. It was a good day to think about the power and beauty of love.

Valentine's Day is also on the way. It is a great time to plan out some handcrafted jewelry for a date night - or gift something to a loved one. Don't forget your bestie, give them a beloved piece of hand crafted jewelry for  Galentine's Day!

Let's embrace all things love today!

Soft Flex Wire Knitted Charm Bracelet and Earrings by Kristen Fagan

Sara Unboxes Our Valentine Passion Design Kit And Makes Jewelry

Sara unboxed our latest kit this week, the Valentine Passion Design Kit (Sold Out). This kit was our ode to love. This kit is flutter of a happy heart. Embrace the most fiery holiday of the year. Valentine's Day is a day of explosive passion and vivid tones. You are going to adore this bouquet of romantic colors! You will be wild about the mystic purples. Watch them dance with rosy reds. You will be smitten with the sweet brass accents and the brilliant gold pops! This design kit is for the lovesick, the infatuated, and the head over heels in love. Flirt with your loved one this year, make them a handcrafted forget-me-not! 

Valentine Passion Earrings by Sara Oehler

Seal It With A Kiss! We Have Valentine's Cards And More For Your Handmade Gifts

Print out some Valentine's cards to add to your handcrafted jewelry. You can go to this link, on our site:

Valentine Cards

Valentine Cards

Print out some Valentine's wrapping paper to add an extra touch of love to your handcrafted gifts. You can go to this link, on our site:

Valentine Wrapping Paper

Valentine Wrapping Paper

Don't forget a gift tag! Let your Galentine's bestie know they are special - tag your homemade gifts. You can go to this link, on our site:

Valentine Gift Tags

Valentine Gift Tag

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