18 Beading Designs For 4th Of July Jewelry

In the USA, we are celebrating our most patriotic holiday this week. Independence Day is a holiday that is typically associated with the explosive flash and booming growls of fireworks painting the summer sky. It is a day to take a breathe and forget work. It is a day to gather with our fellow Americans and share a barbecue or picnic. It is a day of food and freedom. 2020 has been a little disagreeable and we will likely be celebrating this day in virtual spaces. Just because we are in quarantine during this pandemic, it doesn't mean we want to spend the day hiding in bed. No, we are going to make jewelry and make memories with those we love and those we are sharing time with. Come celebrate the 4th of July with us. You do not have to be an American to appreciate colorful jewelry. Join us for some unity and fun. Let's celebrate!

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We are taking a look at some of our most patriotic jewelry projects. These jewelry designs are loaded with red, white, and blue! Our colorful beading wire spools and mystery themed design kits are packed with explosive color. Did you design a necklace that is perfect for macaroni fashion or a Yankee Doodle Dandy? We would love to see your work. Post your jewelry on our Facebook group - VIB. We want to salute your creativity!

Fourth of July Mini Design Kit

Fourth of July Mini Design Kit

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The 4th of July is a celebration of American Independence.

We love red, white, and blue. The revolutionary colors of our forefathers stir so many emotions within us. We wanted to wear this pride close to our hearts during our favorite national holiday. The festive colors of the Star Spangled Banner are a fundamental part of being an American. Let freedom ring with this colorful design kit. Make an amazing set of fireworks with your next jewelry project.

If you are new to beading, this kit comes with findingsbeads, wire, and surprises. If you have crimping pliers and cutters, you have everything you need to make some fun jewelry.

4th of July Jewelry Making - Free Jewelry Project Ideas

4th of July Zoom Beading Party!

4th Of July Jewelry by Kristen Fagan

4th Of July Jewelry by Sara Oehler

Firecracker Bracelet!

Firecracker Bracelet by Jamie Hogsett

Learn how to make this bracelet - Click Here!

United We Stand - Elegant Necklace And Earrings

Amazon Princess Necklace by Sara Oehler

Learn how to make this necklace - Click Here!

Amazon Princess Earrings by Sara Oehler

Independence Day Earrings 

Festive Earrings

America The Beautiful! Jewelry Fit For A Wonder Woman

Learn how to make this necklace - Click Here!

Let Freedom Ear-Ring!

Soft Flex Craft Wire Hoop Earrings by Sara Oehler

Learn how to make these earrings - Click Here!

Star Spangled Jewelry

Learn how to make this jewelry - Click Here!

Fireworks Trios Beading Wire Packs

Fireworks Trios Beading Wire Packs are sure to light up your jewelry with a rocket's red glare! The proud colors that comprise this beading wire pack are as roaring as Hancock's signature is writ large. This pack of marine quality stainless-steel beading wire was Made in the U.S.A. Design your holiday jewelry with the colors of American liberty!

Trios Fireworks Beading Wire Pack

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We included Red Coral, White Quartz, and Dark Blue Lapis.

Trios Fireworks Beading Wire Spools

These Beautiful Earrings Are Real Firecrackers!

Learn how to make these earrings - Click Here!

Fireworks Necklace

Fireworks Necklace by Jamie Hogsett

Learn how to make this necklace - Click Here!

American Pride Bracelet!

American Pride Bracelet by Shelley Carlson

Learn how to make this bracelet - Click Here!

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