5 Amazing Soft Flex Beading Wire Colors for Making Jewelry

Thank goodness it's Tuesday! We crawled over that dreadful Monday hump and the week has begun proper. Let's look at  color beading wire today. Black and white has it's place in jewelry. Grayscale can be emotive and sophisticated. But there is nothing like color. Color is vibrant and alive. Color can turn a boring design into a pulsing and stunning piece that cannot be ignored. Color can highlight a wardrobe or take center stage. You should be stringing with  color in mind.

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At Soft Flex Company, we offer over twenty-five different color options. Soft Flex is a kaleidoscope of color! We have single spools of color in varying lengths and we have  Trios Beading Wire Packs that come with three 10ft spools. The single spools of color are perfect if you tend to enjoy stringing with a theme or limited palette. They come in a variety of lengths and diameters. Trios are a great way to add a bunch of color to your jewelry kit with out buying a larger quantity.

We will look at just some of our color options. Color is important if you are showing the wire in your designs. Color will compliment your  beads. If your beads are translucent, the color wire inside can make the tone of that bead sing. If you are designing an illusion necklace where a large portion of the wire is visible, color will really make your jewelry stunning. Your amazing bead collection deserves an amazing color wire.

How do you know what color to use? We named our wire after the gemstones we felt they best resembled or evoked. Copper, Dark Blue Lapis,  Spinel – it is easy to shop our wire if you are looking for a color match. Let's look at a few!

Yellow Quartz Beading Wire commands attention! This beautiful, beaming color does not care to be a wallflower. It can be a background actor in a multi-strand necklace, but it is going to stand out all the same. It may even look overpowering at first. But this wire is fantastic for thinking out of the box and really pushing you to be a creative designer. We featured this glowing color in our Neon Nights Design Kit with dissimilar colors. Even with such a unique look, Yellow Quartz was stunning. Dare to be bold or create some Spring magic. Yellow Quartz Beading Wire is sunshine in a spool!

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Blue Topaz Beading Wire is ethereal and airy. This color is the brilliant summer sky bottled up. Design a zen peace for June. Blue Topaz is versatile and subtle. It is calming and peaceful. This wire is perfect for stringing the most exquisite  London Blue Topaz. It is great for a  Macrame or Kumihimo bracelet. It is the aqua of the summer or the chill of the holidays. It is a timeless wire that is great for so many pieces. Blue Topaz Beading Wire is blue skies in a spool!

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Shop blue beads.

Peridot Beading Wire is the flora of nature. This color is the dance of the saplings and trees on a breezy afternoon. Peridot is the blades of grass that tickle your feet. Your jewelry designs will be lush and full of earthly splendor with this color. This lovely wire is a plucky shamrock that will enhance any bountiful design. Peridot Beading Wire is luscious leaves in a spool!

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Pink Tourmaline Beading Wire is a delicious bite of love. This lovely spool is a thumping happy heart. Great for a gift to your sweetheart. The color is a warm compliment to a precious strand of Tourmaline. Your strung jewelry will be lush and decadent. Pink Tourmaline Beading Wire is sweet love in a spool!

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Purple Amethyst Beading Wire is majestic. Our Purple wire was recently featured in our Purple Rain Design Kits. It evokes so many feelings. Purple is a an otherworldly tone that brings to mind the mysticism of magic. Purple is the color of monarchs and emperors. Purple is splendid and empowering. This wire is a great compliment to our  Purple Rain Bead Mix. Purple Beading Wire is royalty in a spool!

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Shop purple beads.

String with color in mind. It is easy to overlook. But, once you see how a color wire can transform your designs, you will never want to settle for a bland beading wire.


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