Galentine's Day Celebration & Heartfelt Jewelry Making Inspiration

We celebrated  Galentine's Day this week. We gathered friends and threw a beading party with Jesse James Beads. What is Galentine's Day, you ask? February 13th is a day for ladies to celebrate sisterhood. It is a day for giving thanks to those around you for being supportive and a shoulder to lean on. It is a day to toast your circle and share memories. No judgement, no broken hearts - just a day for being grateful for having your best friends around. Give your bestie a handmade necklace that lets them know how much they mean to you! We also took time to enjoy making  Valentine's Day jewelry. If you want ideas that make your heart happy, check out our blog and share the joy!

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Jewelry Making Videos

Galentine's Day Celebration & Heartfelt Jewelry Making Inspiration Collage

How To Make A Braided Bracelet With The Love Note Stash & Rola Beads

Multicolor Heishi & Crystal Heart Stretch Bracelet Tutorial

Galentine's Day Jewelry Making Party With Jesse James Beads & Soft Flex Company

Affordable Jewellery Supplies: Lovebug Jewellery Set Tutorial

Rosanna Brafford: Hearts On Hearts Earrings With The Lovebug Kit

Melissa_Jewelry_Art: Spring 2024 Mystery Bead Stash Unboxing

Star's Beads: Valentine's Day Jewelry With Heart Beads & Craft Wire

Beki Foster: Jewelry Set Featuring Soft Flex Craft Wire & Beading Wire

Marcie Creates: Norse Necklace With Soft Flex, SilverSilk & Jesse James Beads

Sparkle By Monica: Follow Your Heart Jewelry Featuring Soft Flex Wire

Joee’s Jewelry: Purple Hearts Bracelet Featuring Soft Flex Metallics

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