Live Beading Party! Meet Jewelry Designer Cassandra Spicer, Owner Of Beads To Live By

We had a fabulous time sitting down with Cassandra Spicer.  Cassandra is a talented jewelry designer and brick and mortar bead store owner (Beads to Live By). We asked Cassandra about her business and what they offer. We had some laughs and learned about her life. She then showed us how to make some magic with Czech Glass pip beads. Learn more about this exciting artist and business owner. Learn a new jewelry making technique. Support your local bead store! Let's have a beading party

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Do you love meeting exciting jewelry designers? We think it is so much fun to get inside their heads and see what makes them tick. Especially when you can apply some of their knowledge to your own jewelry projects. There is no better way to excel than to stand on the shoulders of giants. We have been holding live jewelry making parties on Zoom. You can find these fun beading shows on the video section of the Soft Flex Company Facebook page and our YouTube Channel. In the past, we have featured Just Bead It owner, Joyce Trowbridge. We have discussed owning a business as a young millennial, with Sam Siegel. We discussed the ways we have adapted our businesses to COVID, with Kay Goss. We have learned a new knotting technique from Danielle Wickes of John Bead. We have learned a lot about these wonderful jewelry designers. And we have learned a lot about ourselves. Join our beading parties for deep dives into the jewelry industry, travel, and how making jewelry can be beneficial for mental health and clarity.

Live Jewelry Making Party With Cassandra Spicer, Owner Of Beads To Live By

We could not wait to throw another exciting  beading party. Sitting down with a friend and making jewelry is a wonderful way to learn a new technique and get inspired. We having been chatting with some of our favorite designers and business owners. We wanted to show you some of the people that make this industry special. We hope you find a new store or artist to follow. 

We were excited to get together with  Cassandra Spicer. She showed us a fun way to create a focal or accent with Czech Glass pip beads. You are going to love her necklace project. And don't worry, she has a big stock of pip beads at her shop! Make sure you visit her store and Etsy. She carries a ton of fun goodies. She also has some Soft Flex in her inventory - support her small business and buy our beading wire from her!

Beads To Live By Jewelry by Cassandra Spicer

We have been featuring videos from  Cassandra on our weekly recaps. We fell in love with a herringbone wire wrap charm bracelet she made last July. If you have ever wanted to add wire working to your jewelry skills, this is a good video to watch for the basics. Wire wrapping can be daunting at first, but with a great teacher, like Cassandra, you will master it easily. You will also learn how to make a tassel with Soft Flex Beading Wire in this video. So fun!

Beads To Live By Jewelry by Cassandra Spicer

Check Out Our Second Beading Party With Cassandra Spicer From Beads To Live By

We love throwing a  beading party! Conference software, like Zoom, has made it possible to visit friends and have fun during the pandemic. Even if you just live miles away from your besties, software can get you close and allow you to share some fun. If you are a social butterfly, don't let anything clip your wings - join your friends on meet ups and make jewelry!

This was our second jamboree with Cassandra Spicer. Cassandra owns a brick and mortar store bead store in Jackson, Michigan called  Beads to Live By. Too far to drive? Well lucky for all of us, Cassandra also sells her inventory online! Check out her site. You can find classes, products, patterns and jewelry making videos. Lots of great stuff in person or the virtual world!

Beads To Live By Earrings by Cassandra Spicer

For this party, Cassandra created a gorgeous pair of earrings. She used our Heavy .024 diameter and large crimp beads. She gave the design a highlight with a tulip dangle. You can find those dangles on her Etsy store. Check out her video and give her links some love! Cassandra is a talented designer!

Beads To Live By Earrings by Sara Oehler

Check Out Our Upcoming Beading Party With Cassandra Spicer From Beads To Live By

Don't miss an exciting Beading Party with Cassandra Spicer. Cassandra is a talented jewelry designer and brick and mortar bead store owner (Beads to Live By). The show starts at 3pm PT on August 24th! Jewelry demonstrations and a fun time are on the menu.

Meet Cassandra Spicer

Cassandra Spicer, owner of Beads To Live By

Cassandra owns a brick and mortar bead store in Jackson, Michigan. If you are in the area, swing by and say hello! Beads to Live By is a gigantic store full of beads and supplies. The staff has decades of jewelry making experience - get answers to all of your questions or learn a new beading technique. Support your local bead store! If this amazing shop is too far to drive to, don't worry, you can also find them online. On Cassandra's site, Beads to Live By, you will find beading supplies, videos, classes, patterns, and lots of beautiful beads. Take a class from the comfort of your couch!

Storefront of Beads To Live By

Cassandra was majoring in art when she started working at her first bead store. She worked there throughout her college education. She was not a jewelry maker when she started at the shop, but something must have inspired her to stay. After she graduated, she decided to follow her degree and she moved on to a different job. After a three year stint, that business closed. Cassandra and her husband discussed the future. They both felt that their community had an avid interest in beads. They decided to go forward and start a business.

Beads To Live By Jewelry by Cassandra Spicer

Class by guest instructor Kinga Nichols, beaded by Cassandra Spicer

From Cassandra:

Hi! I'm Cassandra Spicer and I have been working with beads professionally for almost 20 years now. It started as a very part-time job in college, and grew into a full-time career, with my husband and I opening our own store about 8 and 1/2 years ago.

Beads To Live By Jewelry by Cassandra Spicer

Beaded by Carol Abbott (customer), focal by Slate Studios Supplies

From Cassandra:

We live in a rather small community in Southern Michigan, but are generously supported by so many local beaders, as well as a growing online community. The Soft Flex products are a newer addition to our shop, and while we have really been enjoying working with all of them, the most recently inspiring things include the Craft Wire, colorful options of beading wire, and Magical Crimper / crimp beads.

Beads To Live By Jewelry by Cassandra Spicer

Design by Shiny Fancy Things (Etsy)

Cassandra Spicer Q&A On Jewelry Design

Beads To Live By Jewelry by Cassandra Spicer

Kit on Etsy and Facebook video by Cassandra Spicer

How long have you been making jewelry?

I started making jewelry around 2003, after I began working at a bead store while attending college. I had taken one or two classes with my mom before that, but hadn’t really taken an interest <gasp, I know>.

Is there a tool you cannot live without?

There’s probably a lot of them lol, but the thing I use the most often across all mediums is a flush cutter. I always tell my customers not to cut anything but metal with them, but if I have that and not scissors, I will use it on my strands of beads and Soft Flex Beading Wire. (true confessions, do as I say and all that :) )

Beads To Live By Jewelry by Cassandra Spicer

Design by Abigail Elizabeth Designs (Etsy)

What color palette (or technique) do you love working with?

Turquoise is by far my favorite color I go to over and over. I have said for years now that “Turquoise is the new black”, you can literally wear it with anything! As far as techniques go, seed bead weaving is my first love and influences so many of the other mediums I work with.

Where do you draw inspiration from for your jewelry designs and color choices?

Sometimes I look to costume jewelry that is clearly machine-produced, but feels worthy of beaded ‘replication’ (it never turns out looking like the original item, which is part of the point for me). Other times it’s an image that comes to mind, which is sometimes inspired by a certain beads/bead shapes.

Beads To Live By Jewelry by Cassandra Spicer

Design by Sheila Schanne

Why do you love Soft Flex Beading Wire?

Compared to my usual products and techniques needed for stitching and weaving, Soft Flex beading wire feels like a gift in that many projects I make with it work up much quicker and with less steps involved..

Beads To Live By Jewelry by Cassandra Spicer

Facebook video by Cassandra Spicer

Cassandra Spicer Q&A On Owning A Business

Beads To Live By Jewelry by Cassandra Spicer

Design by Cassandra Spicer

What convinced you to open your business?

There was a local bead shop in our community for 10+ years (the one that I worked at for almost 8), and when they decided to close, we felt there was still a great demand for something like that. Our expansion into the online realm was really propelled by Covid, but once it started, it was clear that it was a positive outcome to an otherwise bad situation.

What do you wish you knew when you first started?

Everything lol. One thing that I always wish I have a better grasp of, but at least had a foundation for, is the financial/ accounting end of things.

Beads To Live By Jewelry by Cassandra Spicer

Beadsmith Inspiration Squad

What roadmap would you give to a beginner (Etsy, social networking, brick and mortar, etc)?

That definitely feeds back into my response to what I wish I knew more about. I think if you educate yourself as much as possible on the business end of things, your creativity will carry you through the parts you are already comfortable with.

What products are you known for and/or why should people use your products?

We specialize in beadweaving and have greatly expanded our Czech glass products in the last two years. We work closely with vendors who directly import their products from the Czech Republic, and pay attention to what is in our products like metal findings. We are always seeking the best quality while still attempting to provide those products at a reasonable price for our customers. I think it is helpful to shop from a company that cares so much about what they are using because you don’t have to worry about the quality from one item to the next as much.

Beads To Live By Jewelry by Cassandra Spicer

Facebook video by Cassandra Spicer

Do you feel like you have time to follow your passions while owning a business?

Since my business involves one of my great passions in life, I am fortunate to be able to pursue both. Often the other things I am passionate about do get put on the backburner, but I save time for that when I need to recharge or during vacations.

Beads To Live By Jewelry by Cassandra Spicer

Focal by Cassandra Spicer, Band by Beadsmith Inspiration Squad

What is your contact info and how can customers best find you or your products?

Contact via  email

Cassandra's Links:


Beads To Live By Jewelry by Cassandra Spicer

Design by Sheila Schanne

Beads To Live By Jewelry by Cassandra Spicer

Class with guest instructor Kim Leahy

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