Make-A-Wish Beading Design Challenge Kit Reveal

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Make-A-Wish Beading Design Challenge Kit Reveal Collage

Every month, we create a new beading kit with a new theme. The newest kit is available now at We reveal our kits on the last Wednesday of the following month. Then, it is your turn to design and share your projects into our Very Important Beading Studio Facebook Group.

If you'd like to join us in the design challenge next month, buy our latest kit and challenge yourself to try something new and unexpected. If you are new to beading, this kit comes with findings, beads, wire, and surprises.

Our kits are great for skill building. We want our kits to feel challenging. We want them to be accessible for beginners and advanced designers alike, but we love to throw in elements that may seem difficult to test our beaders skills and make them think out of the box. We think jewelry is great when it is easy. But when you really have to engage your mind and process your materials and tools, we think that your jewelry has the potential to be life changing.
Our kits may be inspired by a colorway or theme, but they are meant to be creative interpretations. Imagination and innovation do not follow the rules. Expect the unexpected.
Supplies are very limited. Don’t miss out!

Make-A-Wish Beading Design Challenge Kit Reveal

Sara and Kristen revealed our Make-A-Wish Beading Design Challenge Kit and each one made a necklace using the contents. With this Make-A-Wish kit, we raised money for a great cause! 10% of your kit purchases up to December 28th went to the Make-A-Wish Foundation of America.

Sara & Kristen Make-A-Wish Beading Design Challenge Kit Reveal


Make-A-Wish Beading Design Challenge Kit
Make-A-Wish Bead Mix
22mm Dark Blue Table Cut Czech Glass Discs
Soft Flex Beading Wire, Medium Diameter
22ga Soft Flex Craft Wire
2x2mm Soft Flex Crimp Tubes
Magical Crimping Pliers
Chain Nose Pliers
Round Nose Pliers
Bead Stoppers

Here is the necklace design that Kristen made using the Green Girl Studios pendant included in the kit. She also started working on an earring design using 22ga Soft Flex Craft Wire. She'll finish those earrings on her upcoming Monday video.

Make-A-Wish Necklace by Kristen Fagan

Make-A-Wish Necklace by Kristen Fagan

Even though Sara didn't have the Make-A-Wish Design Kit at her home, she did have the Make-A-Wish Bead Mix and was able to make this beaded necklace. She finished the necklace off by braiding three colors of Soft Flex Beading Wire.

Make-A-Wish Necklace by Sara Oehler

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Sara Oehler (pronounced Ay-ler) is a well-known jewelry designer living in the Bay Area. Sara is the author of several beading books, including her latest title, written with Kristen Fagan, Seed Bead Revolution. She has designed and written for numerous publications including: BeadStyle, Bead&Button, Bead Trends, Stringing, Jewelry in Fashion Trends, Simply Beads, The Flow and Today's Creative Home Arts. Currently, Sara is the Sales and Marketing Manager for Soft Flex Company.
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