Unique Jewelry Ideas - Beaded Bezels, Weaving Looms, And Exploring The Whatnot App

We are always looking for exciting new ways to expand our jewelry making ideas and creative output. This week, we looked at a project that used Diamond Glaze adhesive to make beaded bezels. We looked at the newest Mirrix Loom and got a lesson on how to weave on a loom. We explored Whatnot, a shopping app that looks very interesting. And we checked out the videos our friends and handmade jewelry community made. It was a wonderful week full of inspirational ideas! Join us for the fun!

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Kristen showed us how to make beaded bezels with Diamond Glaze adhesive. This technique also works with photos. This is a great project for personalized jewelry with keepsake photos or mementos. Sara invited Elena Kawachi, from Mirrix Looms, to a fun beading party. We wanted to see Elena's latest loom, the Chloe Loom, in action. Portable looms are a great way to enhance your beading supplies! On Wednesday, we launched our test flight on the Whatnot app. Whatnot is a social and shopping app that allows you to buy at auctions and sales that are live and full of great deals and discounts. Learn more about how you can save big money shopping our shows on Whatnot.

Our friends in the jewelry making community had wonderful videos to share this week! Beki Foster showed us how to make a Viva Magenta necklace using beads from Sam's Bead Shop, chain mesh from SilverSilk, and Soft Flex Beading Wire. Our friend Rosanna Brafford demonstrated how to make Celtic knot hair sticks with Soft Flex. Marcie Creates showed us how to make a bracelet with beads from Jesse James Beads and Soft Flex wire. Finally, La'Onda Sanders unboxed our Moroccan Bazaar Design Kit (Sold Out) and gave us her thoughts.

Jewelry Making Videos

How To Use Diamond Glaze In A Bezel With Beads & Photos

Kristen had fun showing us how to make personalized bezels on this episode of Free Spirit Beading. Using Diamond Glaze adhesive, she added beads to bezels. Diamond Glaze dries to a finish that is like clear glass. The adhesive bonds to many mediums - glass, glitter, beads, and more. She also added photos to her bezels to give it that extra special handmade touch. Diamond Glaze is great for keepsake jewelry. Add a memory to a locket with this easy-to-use adhesive.

Jewelry Making Supplies:

Diamond Glaze

Beading Party With Mirrix Looms - Learn About Bead Weaving On A Loom

Sara and Elena Kawachi, from Mirrix Looms, sat down together to discuss all things looms on our latest beading party. If you have been curious about bead weaving on a loom, this is a great video to check out to learn the basics on how to put your new loom together and how to set up a loom for a design. Sara is using Mirrix's newest loom, the Chloe Loom to demonstrate how to put together a loom out of the box.

Design by Maureen Kenney

If you are inspired to embark on a bead weaving journey, make sure you visit  Mirrix Looms. You can find warping instructions, bead weaving basics, loom recommendations and so much more. Looms are full of tradition and heritage. They evoke thoughts of ancestors and of mystical jewelry made with thoughtful contemplation. Looms are a great way to connect with beaders and crafters from ages past. Make your own contemporary jewelry design that honors the talents of the creative people that came before us.

Soft Flex Company Has Joined The Whatnot App

Soft Flex Company on Whatnot

At Soft Flex Company, we pride ourselves in pioneering new beading tools and supplies. We love to share innovative ideas and explore new techniques. For decades, we demonstrated our products at trade shows across the United States and visited London for a bead show. We found that, over the years, bead shows have an ebb and a flow and we wanted to try something new.

We started doing live shows on Facebook almost ten years ago. Not long after that, we were the first beading company to sell during live shows on Facebook. This week, we are checking out Whatnot. Join us on this platform for epic discounts. Whatnot does not allow decimals in prices. This means, we round down on all of our prices. Every purchase is a big discount! Come see what we are offering!

Beki Foster: Viva Magenta Necklace With Sam's Bead Box, Soft Flex & SilverSilk

Rosanna Brafford: How To Make Celtic Knot Hair Sticks With Soft Flex Wire

Marcie Creates: How To Make A Bracelet With Jesse James Beads & Soft Flex Beading Wire

La'Onda Sanders: Unboxing The Moroccan Bazaar Jewelry Making Kit

Join our Facebook group – VIB. Stay in the know. Stay up to date. From our bead shows to our video shows and sales, you can stay in touch with us. The community is full of artistic and helpful beaders and crafty people. Inspire and be inspired. Share your pictures and get the beading bug from others!

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