2nd Annual Customer Appreciation Week - All The Jewelry Making Demonstrations In One Place

The second annual Customer Appreciation Week was an amazing week of jewelry making demonstrations. We enjoyed spending quality time with the bead stores and designers that make this industry incredible. CAW was our thank you to our community and friends that kept our small business alive during the pandemic. If you missed a moment or just want to relive a memory, this is the place to find all of the videos in one spot!

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Customer Appreciation Week has returned! We had a blast sharing time with our friends. Did you catch any of the presentations live? There were so many unique jewelry ideas and techniques. This Customer Appreciation Week, we learned jewelry making tricks like making beaded kumihimo necklaces, using Soft Flex on a loom, and how to string a multi-strand bracelet. We learned how to cage a cabochon with Soft Flex Beading Wire - instead of Craft Wire. We learned how to use carrier beads with peyote stitching. Class was in session and all of these wonderful demonstrations were FREE!

If you would like to dive deeper and learn more about the presenters that made this event so wonderful, make sure you check out their videos and links. This CAW we spent time with Cassandra Spicer of  Beads to Live By, Rebecca Combs of Design & Adorn, Abbi Berta of The Bead Place, Kay Goss of Star's Beads, Sarah James of Jesse James Beads, Elena Zuyok of Mirrix Looms, Danielle Wickes of John Bead, Jill Wiseman of Jill Wiseman Designs, Joyce Trowbridge of Just Bead It, Sam & Rachel Siegel of Sam's Bead Shop, and Nealay Patel of SilverSilk & More.

2nd Annual Customer Appreciation Week - Creating Joy One Bead At A Time

2nd Annual Customer Appreciation Week - All The Jewelry Making Demonstrations In One Place Collage

CAW 2022 Presenter: Cassandra Spicer Of Beads To Live By

Cassandra Spicer, of Beads to Live By, was the first presenter of Customer Appreciation Week 2022. She showed us how to make a multi-strand bracelet design. If you are a beginner beader and are solely stringing single strand designs, this is a great video to watch to learn how to make more complex jewelry. 

Cassandra showed us how to make a Lily Wreath Bracelet. If you would like to recreate this lovely design, you can still find kits on her site.

Lily Wreath Bracelet

Beads To Live By Lily Wreath Bracelet by Cassandra Spicer

CAW 2022 Presenter: Rebecca Combs Of Design & Adorn

Rebecca Combs, of Design & Adorn, showed us how to make beaded kumihimo jewelry. This braided jewelry technique looks incredibly difficult. But appearances can be deceiving. Rebecca is a great instructor and shows you how to make this braided design at home with ease.

Rebecca showed us how to make a necklace using her Kismet kit. Kismet has sold out, but Design & Adorn always has amazing kits and themed jewelry available. If you love kumihimo, this is a one stop shop - you can grab everything you need!

Design & Adorn Kismet Necklace by Rebecca Ann Combs

CAW 2022 Host: Kristen Fagan Of Soft Flex Company

Join Soft Flex Company host  Kristen Fagan for the unboxing of our Autumn Dreaming Design Kit for Customer Appreciation Week (CAW).

Our Autumn Dreaming Design Kit has sold out. But you can find new kits on our site monthly. And sometimes more than monthly - if we are hosting an event or special occasion!

Jewelry Making Kits

CAW 2022 Presenter: Abbi Berta Of The Bead Place

Abbi Berta, of The Bead Place, was under the weather when it came time for her video. We let her off the hook so she could get some rest and feel better. She is going to film a video for us in the future that features her kit. Stay Tuned!

This video was still a blast. Watch Sara make a beautiful bracelet that was inspired by Danielle Wickes!

Abbi still has kits available on her site. Grab one before she films her project for us and you can make along with her!

Soft Flex Customer Appreciation Week Kit 2022

Soft Touch Peyote Stitch Bracelet by Sara Oehler

Abbi finished her design. You are going to love her adventurous and colorful necklace!

From  Abbi

We designed this fun project kit for Soft Flex Company’s Customer Appreciation Week this year! Unfortunately I was sick and wasn’t able to be there for my presentation livestream so we switched gears and created a full video tutorial for this project! Learn how to loosely macramé Soft Flex Beading Wire to add texture to your designs! We have a few kits left but they won’t last long!

Wild Whatever Wrap Necklace or Bracelet by Abbi Berta

CAW 2022 Presenter: Kay Goss Of Star's Beads

Kay Goss, of Star's Beads, is always a treat to watch. She is full of colorful ideas and innovative jewelry designs. For her presentation, she showed us how to make wire wrapped earrings. Her easy to follow instructions will show you basic techniques with tools and how easy it is to make a messy wrapped design.

Join Star's Beads Facebook Group to Claim your Endless Earrings Kreative Kit!

Star's Beads Special Stash Group

Star's Beads Endless Earrings by Kay Goss

If you want to support Kay's small business and sizeable creative talent, make sure you explore her new store for some great beads and beading supplies - Beadorea

CAW 2022 Host: Kristen Fagan Of Soft Flex Company

Join Soft Flex Company host Kristen Fagan for more fun jewelry making designs with our Autumn Dreaming Kit for Customer Appreciation Week (CAW).

Our Autumn Dreaming Design Kit has sold out. Check out our themed jewelry making kits for more fun jewelry options. Our mystery kits are a great way to add some easy inspiration. They are brainstormed and plotted around an exciting theme or holiday. We create the colorway and you create the magic!

Jewelry Making Kits

CAW 2022 Presenter: Sarah James Of Jesse James Beads

We checked in with Sarah James of Jesse James Beads. We enjoy collaborating with this fun bead store. We introduced Jesse James Beads 2022 Pantone Fall/Winter Assorted Colors Bead Mixes to our site to complement to our 2022 Pantone Fall/Winter Pantone Quad of Beading Wire. Pantone is the authority in color and we think using their color choices is the best way to stay fashion forward when making jewelry.

Visit  Jesse James Beads website for a stunning collection of topical beads and seasonal colors. And don't miss our upcoming October collaboration. We are having a Trick or Treat party! You can find a Trick or Treat kit, loaded with beads and sparkling things on their site. We have a Trick or Treat kit on our site loaded with all of the findings and supplies you need to complement JJB's kit!

CAW 2022 Presenter: Elena Zuyok Of Mirrix Looms

Elena Zuyok, of Mirrix Looms, showed us how to make a bracelet using a Mirrix Loom and Soft Touch Beading Wire. Mirrix Looms are incredibly well made. Having worked with other looms that are not constructed with quality materials, Sara told us that she thought these are truly the Cadillac of looms. You can find a loom for less money. But you will not find a higher quality tool for making loom woven jewelry.

There are still kits available for this project on the Mirrix site. Grab one quick and make your own!

The Pink Lily Wire & Bead Bracelet Kit

Mirrix Looms Pink Lily Wire & Bead Bracelet by Elena Zuyok

CAW 2022 Host: Sara Oehler Of Soft Flex Company

Join Soft Flex Company host Sara Oehler for more fun jewelry making designs with our Autumn Dreaming Kit for Customer Appreciation Week (CAW).

If you purchase a design kit from us, make sure you join our  Facebook group – VIB. Every month, all of the wonderful designers in our community post and share the designs they made with our latest kit. It is really amazing to see how diverse the designs are, considering they are all made with the same beading supplies. If you post photos of your designs, you are automatically entered into our giveaway. Each month we draw a random name from designs we collected and send a free design kit to the winning jewelry maker. The winner is totally random, so skill is not going to be a factor - a beginner has as much chance of winning as a seasoned pro does!

CAW 2022 Presenter: Danielle Wickes Of John Bead

Danielle Wickes is a content creator for  John Bead. She is featured in John Bead blogs and is also a teacher for Michael's, you can find her weekly classes on Michael's website. Danielle has an amazing eye for color and is wonderful at making beaded art. Danielle has taught us new techniques - she showed Sara ways to knot and peyote stitch Soft Flex that Sara did not even think was possible.

Danielle Wickes had some wonderful bracelet kits for CAW, but they are all sold out. Make sure you click on her name to visit her website. You will find inspiration and beading supplies that will fuel your creativity!

John Bead Rhombus Beads Bracelet by Danielle Wickes

CAW 2022 Presenter: Jill Wiseman Of Jill Wiseman Designs

If you have followed DIY beading and jewelry making for any amount of time, you are undoubtedly familiar with our next presenter - Jill Wiseman of Jill Wiseman Designs. Jill is truly one of the most visionary artists and makers out there. She is a published author, television presenter and all around colorful creator. She showed Sara how to make peyote stitched art with carrier beads for this presentation. Carrier beads are two hole beads that can be strung unadorned or used to 'carry' a loop of peyote stitch.

Jill's kits have sold out, but her website is amazing. Check out her beading supplies, patterns, and more! 

Adventure Necklace by Jill Wiseman

CAW 2022 Presenter: Joyce Trowbridge Of Just Bead It!

Joyce Trowbridge is the owner of  Just Bead It. When the pandemic rocked the world in 2020. Joyce was faced with challenging choices. She had to shutter her brick and mortar bead store and adapt to the new economy. She has successfully transitioned to an online enterprise. The silver lining is that her teaching is now available to everybody and not just a local community. Joyce showed us how she uses Soft Flex Beading Wire to cage cabochon beads. Pretty astounding and definitely think outside the box!

If you would like to try this amazing jewelry technique yourself, make sure you grab one of Joyce's few remaining kits.

Moon Dreams Pendant and Necklace Kit

Moon Dreams Pendant & Necklace by Joyce Trowbridge

CAW 2022 Presenter: Sam & Rachel Siegel Of Sam's Bead Shop

Sam & Rachel Siegel are the talented pair of siblings that run  Sam's Bead Shop. Sam has a keen eye for beautiful beads and his inventory is loaded with striking stones. Make sure you check out his subscription boxes if you want to save money and restock your supplies with gorgeous beads. For this presentation, we learned how to make a colorful bracelet. Unfortunately, for those that did not get a chance to grab the kit, it has sold out. But make sure you visit the store and give these young entrepreneurs some small business support!

Sam's colorful CAW kits have all sold out. But make sure you check out his site. You can find some stunning deals on gorgeous gemstones.

Sam's Bead Shop

CAW 2022 Presenter: Nealay Patel Of SilverSilk & More

Nealay Patel, owner of SilverSilk & More, is always innovating and always creating phenomenal jewelry. Nealay showed us how to make a jewelry set with his CAW kit that was inspired by the magnificence of the Antelope Canyon. This mix of wonderful earthy jewelry supplies was perfect for fall jewelry. His designs used SilverSilk Capture Chain, which is a jewelry element we love. SilverSilk chain chain be used in tandem with Soft Flex Craft Wire or Beading Wire and they complement each other perfectly!

Nealay's Antelope Canyon Mystery Kit sold out fast! But you can find the SilverSilk chain and beading supplies on his website that will allow you to design equally colorful and sophisticated jewelry.

SilverSilk & More

Soft Flex Company's Customer Appreciation Week After Party with Your Guest Presenters!

Well, the fun could not last forever. We shared an after party with presenters that could fit it into their schedules. Thank you for joining us and we hope you enjoyed the shows as much as we did. All of these presenters donated their time and energy into making each segment special. If you enjoyed the parties, please make sure to support the small businesses that are keeping this industry strong and full of inspirational art and design. If you cannot afford to shop all of the stores, you can still help all of us by liking and sharing any videos you enjoy!

Thank you for being amazing!

Join our Facebook group – VIB. Stay in the know. Stay up to date. From our bead shows to our video shows and sales, you can stay in touch with us. The community is full of artistic and helpful beaders and crafty people. Inspire and be inspired. Share your pictures and get the beading bug from others!

Visit the Soft Flex Company YouTube Channel!

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